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  • Why you should, how you should, and more!

    A good short story can be the perfect story snack, but an anthology of shorts is like an epic charcuterie board of story treats. They can have a little for everyone. Sure, maybe you’re not into the olives or those weird pickled onions, but oh man, are you going to gobble up that cheese!

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  • Angela R. Watts Author Interview
    Angela R. Watts Author Interview

    Get an exclusive behind the scenes look on her upcoming book!

    From spine-tingling sci-fi adventures to enchanting fantasy realms and gripping dystopian landscapes, Angela R. Watts weaves tales that captivate readers of all ages and interests. In this exclusive interview, delve into the mind of an author whose imagination knows no bounds as we uncover the... Read more

  • Author Interview: Sarah Beran
    Author Interview: Sarah Beran

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

    My name is Sarah Beran, and I write clean, cozy (or cozy-adjacent) fantasy and fairy tale retellings. I’ve been publishing for just over three years now, and have fourteen books out in the world. I actually went to... Read more

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    Growing up, my mom read books to me and my siblings every day. Besides the typical fairy tales, she read Pride and Prejudice aloud, and we watched every film adaptation ever made. Her example led me to become a voracious reader. As an adult, I gravitate toward genres similar to those I grew up... Read more

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    Reading isn’t an activity, it’s an experience. As readers, we all know that there's nothing quite like getting lost in a good book with tea (or coffee!) and snacks.

    From salty treats that add an extra layer of suspense to sweet indulgences that complement heartwarming tales, the... Read more