Gaslamp Books Recommendations By Jenelle Leanne Schmidt


Steampunk and gaslamp are a genre of fantasy that I’ve only recently really discovered or spent much time reading. A few years ago, if you’d asked me what I knew of steampunk, my answer would have been relegated to an episode of a crime show where the investigation led the main characters to a community of people who enjoyed the genre and two young men got into a dul with pistols from the 1800s. 

But I’ve since made it a point to read more books in this genre, and I’ve found that I quite enjoy it. 

But there is something so fun about a steampunk or gaslamp world blended with a heavy dose of fantasy. I’m not sure if “fun” is a defining characteristic of the steampunk/gaslamp genre in general, but the titles I have discovered and enjoyed over the past couple of years have definitely all shared this sense of energy and fun. A lot of these stories are characterized by airships, a few also include dragons, and there’s always a good amount of some level of political intrigue, as well. I noticed that, even with my own books in the Turrim Archive series, political maneuvering and intrigue just kind of naturally slipped into the story and became a defining element.

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Gaslamp Books Recommendations By Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

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